EIOS Thermosystem Residential Projects

EIOS House, traditional timber structure

EIOS Timber House with a full wooden structure, wood-framed in the inhabited area with lath ceiling in the mansard area. EIOS 8Sky completely solve the separation of the indoor conditioned environment from the exterior harm environment, the airtightness, condensation avoidance, waterproofing and thermal insulation. EIOS 8System complements the environment separator with the same performance for the entire home. The attic is cool in the summer and the heating energy in winter is similar to that of energy-certified houses.

The condensation is zero and the wood humidity content of envelope walls is constant within the limits of 10 - 12 ‰ dry wood, and the concept of Zero Moisture is achieved.

EIOS Inside extension of house

Extension of a six years old house with EIOS 8Inside, the Zero Moisture solution for buildings.

The work was made in the cold weather of December 2016. The new space, althowgh similar to the heated living space, similarly heats only from the thermal plant from the first floor and the insulated chimney passing through the upstairs.

The owner decides to renovate the whole house by EIOS House Concept.

Renovation of existing house with the Zero Moisture solution for ceilings

The existing ceiling was demolished and the non-permissive insulation EIOS 10Inside installed.

The old insulation is already infested with mold and the instalation way shows total air leakage and the poor thermal efficiency. Now the old air-conditioning system, which was constantly running in the summer, is used only occasionally and the energy consumption for winter heating has dropped below half, altowgh the living space is almost doubled.

Family home insulated EIOS 8Sky

The roof is insulated EIOS 8Sky, sealed to air leaks and waterproofed by the non-permissive method.

The wooden structure is completely separated from the outside environment, and the heat transfer only through conductivity ensures the thermal comfort in the attic, with minimal thermal consumption.