EIOS is the first thermo-system that applied to the exterior (or the interior) of an enclosure wall that completely eliminates condensation and has a potentially wall-drying effect.

This goal is achieved by the Principle of Avoiding Condensation application based on the realization of a Non-Permissive Insulation Assembly which requires the complete elimination of any air/vapor transfer in thermal insulation, continuously applied to an envelope wall.

EIOS offers a new thermal insulation vision and use of insulating materials:

EIOS implemented the outlined objectives and initiated an information campaign that focused on the real problems and on correcting insulation misinformation. The energy efficiency of buildings has become the primary purpose on a worldwide scale, and thermal insulation ranks first as a way to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint on the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt appropriate solutions that are lasting and environmentally sustainable.

Unsolved moisture problems in the building envelope of every house/building now come to an end. In some way or other, water can get in every regular construction by way of vapor movement and condensation or via direct entry, EIOS is the world's first construction system that claims to completely eliminate this issue.

The Moisture-Free Concept based on the PAC replaces the old concept of Moisture Control which proposes to reduce condensation by applying vapor barriers and by including air layers and ventilation in the wall configuration within the scope of managing moisture in building envelopes.

Water passes through barriers in different forms but always because of driving forces. Driving can be gravitational, capillarity, wind washing, or pressure forces (air/vapor pressure differential) occurring because of the temperature differences between the conditioned space and the exterior environment. Water gets inside of the walls because of those moving forces, but when it is expected to dry out, there are no forces to drive the water and vapors out of walls.

It has been proven by now that the moisture problem is not solved by air/vapor barriers combined with air permeable insulations, air flow through walls, drainage, or wall-ventilation systems. Water that still damages buildings is hastily called intruding water, incidental water, or remnant humidity when in fact, the vapor barrier becomes a condensation plane in various heat loads and unloads the last vapors of the flow that have not condensate onto other materials that reach a dew point temperature. This water is always prevented to dry out by the vapor barrier. Moisture Drainage also does not work. Every porous material absorbs water. This water will not drain out until the material is saturated, containing 100% humidity of what that material can hold…

Moisture accumulation results in interstitial (in the wall) mold growth, decrease in indoor air quality, decay, shorter lifespan and lower value of the building.

Issues can be seen anywhere, especially when repairs and renovation are required.

This is the reality. All the while, the advice is to follow published regulations and guidance on combining insulation, air/vapor barriers, and the materials’ permeability in walls to control moisture…

Instead, EIOS is custom made for your house/building as an insulation system that is 100% Waterproof, 100% Airtight and 99.9% Vapor-Impermeable so as to keep any form of water out of the insulation.

EIOS Thermosystem is a continuous vapor-tight seal applied to the building, including intersections with windows/doors, and other penetrations, so as no fluid leakage can occur.

EIOS completely separates the different environments, so the building’s structural element is entirely in one environment. EIOS is usually installed on the exterior. The goal is for the supporting structure to have the same temperature with the interior vapors so no condensation can occur. The dew point of the warm, moisture-laden air is always inside of EIOS Thermosystem, detached from the inner surface (EIOS substrate) which prohibits it from becoming a condensation plane.

Along with the water impermeability and the complete air-tightness, the imperviously created EIOS Thermosystem solves all moisture issues that can harm your house/building. This comes with an unlimited time perspective.