EIOS guarantees technical consulting, installation of the system by professional installers and specialized teams, and project-long supervision - all with quality guarantee.

EIOS it selling its range of art products at promotional prices only during this campaign.

Before you design, build, renovate, or intend to insulate, please consider using EIOS technology to eliminate condensation, maximize thermal efficiency, improve durability, and reduce the housing occupants' risk of exposure to known hazards.

EIOS provides world-leading invented products both as material and as the concept - as well as counsel to assure focused research for additional detail and specification for proper development of this new technology in practice.

For now, EIOS Thermosystem can be contracted only by appoinment for every project.

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Engineering and consulting:

We are able to provide consulting services together with the practical implementation of this new concept/system and the technology invented because of our thoroughness and originality of our understanding of building science combined with pioneering practices.

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Regardless of the project size or scope, EIOS's mission is to positively impact the lives of every designer, builder, and occupant with results in tangible improvements to indoor quality, energy efficiency, sustainability, durability, and high performance of buildings.

These are the limitations of the EIOS consultations:

• Diagnose problems in regards to insulation;

• Solve the existing deficiencies;

• Design insulation systems based on the Principe of Avoiding Condensation for the proposed energy efficiency, achieving real parameters;

• Exterior designed EIOS Thermosystems, residential and commercial.